Dec 12

Bayside Island View 3-D letters

Competition Chemicals, a local Iowa Falls business that sells simichrome polish (, purchased these letters for their family cottage at Clear Lake, Iowa. This sign (1st picture) is shared by a number of cottage owners in that scenic shoreline neighborhood. These 3 dimensional letters are made from Iowa’s number 1 crop, corn, and carry a lifetime warranty. GP carries a full line of outdoor and indoor commercial grade lettering and custom logos.
Graphics Plus can design, create and build all types of signs, exterior business signs, billboards, informational and recognition plaques, real estate, landscape, and construction yard signs, as well as banners for special occasions etc, for a variety of businesses and organizations. Stop in or call to learn what we can do for your sign needs.

Dec 04

Buresh Building laser engraved Yetis

Ever seen a Yeti pyramid? Now you have. Yeti is the high quality leader in insulated beverage containers. You put something hot in a Yeti in the morning, and it’s still hot at the end of the day. Yetis make great safety program awards and are super for customer loyalty gifts. If someone purchases a large dollar amount, wouldn’t they deserve a high quality gift item like these Yetis? Yetis work great for wedding favors, family reunions or any special event.

These Yetis are permanently engraved with a high power laser. The image will not wear off so it gives long term exposure to your business, event or cause. Yetis come in many different sizes and colors. When it is time to get ready, it is time to get Yeti.
We also carry a wide range of fold flat promotional coozies (koozies), Styrofoam and paper cups, inexpensive sports bottles, insulated sports bottles, custom photo mugs, ceramic mugs, coffee cups, glassware, steins, color changing mugs, travel thermos, stadium cups and other drinkware. Remember if you think big, you need to

Dec 01

Las Flores embroidered polos

Delicious authentic Mexican food and a good time are waiting for you at Las Flores Mexican Restaurant in Iowa Falls on South Oak Street. The restaurant ordered embroidered polos on a Tuesday and received them the following Friday. That’s business as usual at Graphics Plus. GP strives to get you customized high quality products when you need them. Remember if you want to think big, you need to

Nov 30

Iowa Rugby Hall of Fame lapel pins

Another + from Graphics Plus . . . GP will help you commemorate any event. These lapel pins were done for the Iowa Rugby Hall of Fame. The pins have a vibrant color while highlighting how unique it is. Graphics Plus is your only stop for custom mementos and awards like these lapel pins. We also have the ability to do small quantities 1-25 with a protective clear dome lapel pins for family reunions, class reunions, weddings, baby showers, foundations, clubs and associations. Remember if you think big, you need to


Nov 29


Need an outdoor banner? Graphics Plus does all size banners. Folded corners help the banner hold up in the wind. The Awana banner shown (5′ x 7′) has folded corners to help strengthen it when it is bungeed into place. Bungee cords are key when it comes to banner life and wind. The bungee cord allows the wind to move the banner without jolting the fabric and ripping it. Iowa Falls Marine has had their gun sale banner up since February, and it still looks good. Note the bungees on all 4 corners. Another innovative way to deal with wind is to allow it to blow through your banner with a mesh type fabric. See the example with baseball graphic. Remember Graphics Plus is your full service sign source. From banners to aluminium clad panel signs, we can do it.

Nov 28

Class of ’77 reunion at Union Tar heel Days

Have a last minute idea for t-shirts? Don’t think it can be done in time? Especially when the event is tomorrow? Well, never to fear; Graphics Plus is here. When all others take months to complete orders, we take hours. These tees were ordered at 9 in the morning and picked up at 3:30 by a very happy customer. He is attending the Union Tar heel Days parade August 5th for his Class of ’77 reunion. Congratulations!!

Nov 27

Mopar Nationals

The 37th Annual Mopar Nationals were this past August, and Graphics Plus helped Phil ‘That KitCar Guy’ get ready by embroidering his name and patch to his khaki shirt. He was ready in time for the massive event. Regardless of the size of your event, GP can get you and your group ready. We not only embroider shirts, jackets and caps, but we direct print t-shirts for every occasion like family & class reunions, birthdays, weddings, outings and any other event you can think of. Visit our website to see all of the neat things we can do, and then contact us.

Nov 24

Memorial patches

Graphics Plus is your source to commemorate a love one. Here are some more patches that we have embroidered in memory of a love one. GP is able to do a variety of items from patches to shirts to caps and mugs. See us today or visit our website for other ideas.

Nov 24

Popcorn bags

There are lots of creative ways to promote good will within your community; here’s an example of a local heating/ac/plumbing company Reliable 1 that promotes their services on the side of these popcorn bags. The popcorn is served at local school and sporting events. Graphics Plus can supply all your bag and sack needs from canvas, tote, gusseted, string bags, bags with rope handles, beach bags, mesh bags, thermal insulated bags, etc. Visit to see our selection of the bags and other products we provide.

Nov 23

Wilson Family Heritage Farm

Congratulations to the Wilson Family Heritage Farm for their 150th year. Rich Vroman from Iowa Falls and his family were the recipient of the Century Farm Award given at the 2017 Iowa State Fair. Just think of it: this farm was established 2 years after Abraham Lincoln was shot in 1865. The family celebrated this event with these custom printed t-shirts and caps.
Whatever your family event may be, reunions, anniversaries or weddings, t-shirts, polos, caps & jackets can be a fun way to celebrate the excitement. Whatever you are planning Graphics Plus can create a design to reflect your event.
Notice the fine detail of the design, the orange Allis-Chalmers tractor, brown steer and tall corn; our customer chose these individual elements in the design that had specific meaning to their family experience. See how small the date on the barn is and yet still readable, less than 1/16″ tall.
Other available memorabilia are Yeti beverage containers, koozies, coffee cups, travel mugs, calendars, key fobs, pocket knives, stadium blankets, lapel pins, belt buckles, etc.

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