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Wilson Family Heritage Farm

Congratulations to the Wilson Family Heritage Farm for their 150th year. Rich Vroman from Iowa Falls and his family were the recipient of the Century Farm Award given at the 2017 Iowa State Fair. Just think of it: this farm was established 2 years after Abraham Lincoln was shot in 1865. The family celebrated this event with these custom printed t-shirts and caps.
Whatever your family event may be, reunions, anniversaries or weddings, t-shirts, polos, caps & jackets can be a fun way to celebrate the excitement. Whatever you are planning Graphics Plus can create a design to reflect your event.
Notice the fine detail of the design, the orange Allis-Chalmers tractor, brown steer and tall corn; our customer chose these individual elements in the design that had specific meaning to their family experience. See how small the date on the barn is and yet still readable, less than 1/16″ tall.
Other available memorabilia are Yeti beverage containers, koozies, coffee cups, travel mugs, calendars, key fobs, pocket knives, stadium blankets, lapel pins, belt buckles, etc.