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Upload your own PDF or PowerPoint files to create custom presentations that imbue your business with a sense of professionalism and creativity. 

  • Print custom presentations in either full color or black & white, depending on the exact needs of your business.
  • Select from over 20 paper size and weight options to create durable presentations that can be used again and again.
  • Choose from single- or double-sided printing options that allow you to store important reading materials while keeping costs down.
  • Bind your custom presentations in ways that suit your company’s needs. Select from comb, booklet, coil, coverbind and stapled designs.
  • Create a customized cover for your presentations, so recipients know what’s inside at a glance. Choose optional tabs to make them simple to thumb through.

Embroidery, screen printing services for custom t-shirts and shirts, vinyl cutting and printing, and printing services are all offered at Graphics Plus. Please stop in and see our wide selection and many ideas that we can provide for you.